Chronic Pain Management

Please join Dr. Brett Teran in collaboration with Nevro Corp. for a free virtual educational event on chronic pain management and minimally invasive treatment options. One advanced technology NOW AVAILABLE in the field of Spinal Cord Stimulation is HF10 by Nevro. This technology is backed by rigorous clinical data showing a significant improvement in pain … Continued

Lumbar Disc Herniations

Our mission at Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates, Inc. is to provide you with the highest quality orthopedic care, so that you can get back to the activities and lifestyle you desire. Please join us with our spine and trauma surgeon Dr. Aaron Beck for a virtual educational event where he will be discussing Lumbar Disc … Continued

Knee Injuries & Robotic Arm-Assisted Surgery

Please join us for a free virtual educational event on knee injuries, acl and meniscus tears, partial and total knee replacements and arthritis of the knee. This even will be hosted by our Dual Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Eric Rightmire. Dr. Rightmire will also be discussing MAKO Robotic Arm Assisted surgery … Continued

Back Pain: When is Surgery Indicated?

Please join our Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Seven Leckie for a free virtual educational event on back pain and when surgery is indicated. If you are interested in attending the event please RSVP to Jill Caramello at by Tuesday, January 19th Date: Wednesday, January 20th Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm Link:

PBOA Sports Series: ACLS, Concussions and Urgent Injury Access

Join us on the Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates, Inc. Facebook page for a live streaming event to learn about acls, concussions and where to go for urgent injury access from PBOAs experienced orthopedic physician assistant Erin Dawicki. The session will cover: - ACL Injuries - Concussions - Where to go: Ortho Urgent Care or Emergency … Continued

Musculoskeletal Regenerative Treatment

Please join Dr. Ron Avraham on the Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates, Inc. Facebook page for a live streaming event to learn about Musculoskeletal Regenerative Treatments. Dr. Avraham will be discussing regenerative medicine treatments utilizing Platelet Rich Plasma ( PRP) therapy to treat painful tendon and ligament injuries as well as mild to moderate arthritic joint … Continued

Ouch! I Have Hip/Knee Arthritis Now What?

Please join our Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Joseph Zabilski for a free virtual educational event: Ouch! I have Hip/Knee Arthritis Now What? Our goal for this discussion is to provide you with information regarding non-surgical treatments for hip and knee arthritis. The event is free however registration is required. Please click here to register for … Continued

Update on The Treatment of Shoulder and Elbow Pain

Please join Dr. Walter Stanwood on the Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates, Inc. Facebook page for a live event to learn about the different updated treatment options for shoulder and elbow pain. *If you do not have a Facebook page, but would like to join the event please register at:

Understanding Sciatica – What You Need to Know.

Join Dr. Ron Avraham for a speaker session on Sciatica and what you need to know. Sciatica can be a painful and debilitating condition. Knowing how to recognize the signs and symptoms may help with timely diagnosis. Treatment with rehabilitation, medications and image-guided injections can bring significant relief.   This event is free, but does … Continued

Quick and Easy Exercises To Get You Moving From Home

Neck and back pain appointments continue to increase in frequency as pandemic restrictions force individuals to work remotely or socialize virtually. This prolonged time at the computer may lead to aches and pains as most home office setups are not conducive to good posture.   Please join Plymouth Bay Orthopedics Sports Therapy’s Physical Therapist, Christie … Continued

A Pain In The Neck! Degenerative Conditions Of The Cervical Spine

Degenerative conditions of the cervical spine cause neck pain, as well as arm pain, numbness, or weakness. Join Dr. Steven Leckie for an educational webinar to learn the signs and symptoms of a "pinched nerve", treatment options, outcomes and what to watch out for. *The event is free, but registration is required. Please register at: … Continued

The Southern Massachusetts Orthopedic Symposium (SMOS) 2021

Hotel 1620 180 Water Street, Plymouth

A live event for clinicians and healthcare professionals. In person and via Zoom. If you are interested in sponsoring SMOS 2021, please email   ATTENDEE REGISTRATION: Single Attendee Registration Group of 3 Attendee Registration Group of 4 Attendee Registration   2021 SCHEDULE: 1:00-1:05 - Dr. Scott Oliver - Opening remarks *Session 1 - Spine; … Continued