“Anterior Total Hip Replacements and Robotic Total Knees; What Patients Need to Know.”


Join us this Wednesday, March 23rd, to hear from our newest joint replacement specialist, Dr. Marcelo Siqueira. Learn about the newest and most innovative approaches to joint replacement surgeries and the immense benefits that come with them. This event is online only and will be streaming via Zoom and Facebook Live. Please click here to...

“Cervical Disc Replacement; What Patients Need to Know.”


Join us Tuesday, April 12th for a virtual talk from our spine specialist, Dr. Aaron Beck. Follow along on Zoom or Facebook Live as Dr. Beck discusses all patients need to know about cervical disc replacements. Please click here to register!

Hip and Knee Arthritis: When is the Right Time for Surgery?

Station Eight 1899 Ocean Street, Marshfield, MA

Join us Wednesday, April 26th at Station Eight Tavern in Marshfield for dinner and a live seminar from Dr. Marcelo Siqueira as he discusses hip and knee arthritis. Learn about common causes and treatments as well as when it's the right time for surgical intervention. Visit pbortho.com/register to reserve your spot!