Physiatrists at Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates treat patients with diverse and wide-ranging musculoskeletal problems ranging from low back pain to headaches, using a non-surgical and comprehensive approach to treat the entire body and improve function. As part of their assessment, Physiatrists perform a thorough diagnostic evaluation with use of imaging and other diagnostic studies to identify the source of the pain and utilize a multimodal treatment approach composed of conservative treatments, oral medications and image-guided injections to help guide the patient to recovery.


  • We offer many non-surgical & minimally invasive surgical treatment options to accurately treat a wide variety of conditions.
  • In many cases, non-surgical pain management treatments are very effective. This may include injections, physical therapy or medications.
  • We offer the latest technologies and cutting edge procedures. Visit with one of our specialists to learn about new ways we can help you with these innovative technologies.
  • We have three convenient locations in Plymouth, Duxbury & Sandwich that offer on-site imaging for easy and convenient diagnosis.
  • We offer advanced on-site Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy services to help patients alleviate pain and get back to living pain free!



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