The Therapy department at Plymouth Bay Orthopedic and Sports Therapy is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation and conditioning facility designed specifically with the active person and athlete in mind. At PBOST we understand that to return active people to active lifestyles after an injury takes work. Our new facility at 41 Resnik Road in Plymouth, MA was designed specifically with that concept in mind.

Upon entering patients may recognize some of the usual physical therapy tools used within the industry including treatment tables, common modalities and such. A second look reveals that we have incorporated a full line of non-impact cardiovascular conditioning equipment including elliptical trainers, stationary bikes and even a seated elliptical machine. On center stage we have a 16 station Hoist Motion Cage that allows us to do nearly any type of functional strengthening work for any orthopedic injury or for anyone looking to develop a fitness program. The thoughtful selection of equipment in our center allows us to progress our patients back to safe and effective fitness and conditioning programs further enhancing recovery and sport performance as well as optimizing overall health and wellness.However, having the tools means nothing without qualified people to use them.

Our therapist, therapy assistants and occupational therapists have years of orthopedic and sports rehabilitation experience. Many having been with PBOST for a decade or more. Every patient evaluation lasts 45 min to an hour. Clinical findings are reviewed and a treatment plan discussed based on each patient’s needs and expectations. We work very closely with our onsite orthopedic specialists to communicate care plans, concerns and changes in our patients’ status.

Treatments sessions are spent one on one with each patient and incorporate core strengthening along with specific exercises to address weakness and functional loss of their injured area. This approach allows PBOST to provide top quality care for all types of orthopedic and sports injuries.


  • 11 physical therapy clinicians means decades of experience and rapid appointment availability.
  • Our on site therapy allows us to communicate much more quickly and efficiently with your physician, improving the overall quality of your rehabilitative care.
  • Appointments are available 7:30am through 7:00pm


If you feel that you could benefit from physical or occupations therapy, contact us at 781.934.7292 and schedule some time to meet with one of our qualified professionals. Our team looks forward to helping you achieve a happier, healthier quality of life.

Therapists In This Practice