Testimonial of Dr. Stanwood

“My first ride 4 months post-op. Just up and down Towne Way but, oh it felt SO GOOD! Thank you Dr. Stanwood, Leanna and the team at PBOA for helping me achieve my goal of getting back on my trike with no shoulder pain!!”

-Trudy Sevier


Patient Testimonial of Dr. Beck

Dr. Beck performed anterior cervical fusion surgery on me last month. I was so impressed with his extensive knowledge of the procedure, he communicated every step of the way with me, and very clearly informed me of what to expect after the procedure was done, which was key. His patience, knowledge, and thoroughness with me made my surgery and recovery a great success.

– Dan Welch

Patient Testimonial of Dr. Beck

Performed partial removal of upper spine bone with release of spinal cord and/or nerves. Fusion of upper spine bones posterior or posterolateral approach. Fusion of middle spine bones posterior or posterolateral approach. I have been left with no pain I have resumed most of my daily activity with no pain I am 81 and I feel he did a great job.

– Frances Stinson


Patient Testimonial of Dr. Oliver

At age 65, after spending over 40 years as a carpet installer, I was experiencing a lot of knee pain. I contacted Dr. Oliver because he was so highly recommended by his knee replacement patients. We discussed a plan to replace both of my knees; my left first and then my right, 8 months later.  Before the surgeries it was extremely painful to climb a flight of stairs, but now the knee pain is gone and I have taken up hiking. Within a year after my second surgery I climbed seven 4,000 ft peaks.  Thanks to Dr. Oliver I can enjoy an active lifestyle.

– Jeffrey Cutter

Patient Testimonial of Dr. Oliver

I am 70 years old, live on Cape Cod, and have always been an active person. My husband and I were lucky enough to be able to retire 13 years ago when I was 57, and we started a tradition of heading out west to national parks for an extended hiking vacation every year. But a few years ago, when my left knee became so painful that I was no longer able to hike with my husband, I sought treatment, and found Dr. Oliver at Plymouth Bay Orthopedics. He replaced my knee, and within a few months I was able to work all day in my garden, and shortly thereafter I was hiking again. However, it was only a year or two until my right knee began to hurt, so I wasted no time in seeing Dr. Oliver again. My right knee replacement was done in February last year, and went even more smoothly than my left.  I was soon hiking again, and in October I joined my husband, my sister and my niece in a hiking and camping trip into the Grand Canyon. Bright Angel Trail drops 4000 feet in its 9.6 miles. That’s the equivalent of 400 flights of stairs! And of course, there’s the return trip out, all uphill, and all with no knee pain, something I wouldn’t have thought possible just a few years ago. I wouldn’t be enjoying my active life without my miraculous surgeries!

-Debby Walther

Patient Testimonial of Dr. Leckie

At just 55 years old, I found myself at the mercy of a terrible back injury. After many years of working as a Registered Nurse, I had severe spinal stenosis and Cauda Equina syndrome. The pain was debilitating enough that I eventually sought out a surgeon’s opinion of how to ease my pain.

My first surgery, done at a large Boston hospital was unsuccessful, with post-operative nerve pain that was unrelenting. I also acquired a post-operative surgical infection. I could not get answers from my doctor, and I was getting sicker and sicker. I did not know where to turn, but knew I needed help.

I was referred to Dr. Steven Leckie by colleagues of mine at BID Hospital, Plymouth. They assured me that Plymouth Bay Orthopedics, and Dr. Leckie would be the right place to be taken care of. Immediately upon meeting Dr. Leckie, I knew we were in good hands. His easy-going personality and professional demeanor assured me and my husband that we were in the right place. I never felt like an “employee” of the hospital, but a patient whom he cared about and for. My surgical experience from start to finish was excellent! From the pre admission testing folks, to all of the nursing and support staff, to Dr. Leckie himself, I was overwhelmed with the compassion and patience that was shown to me. All of my needs were met, questions answered, and tears dried. I was finally pain free!

Physical/Occupational Therapy was also excellent, teaching me how to wear my brace correctly and how to do the simple things like put on my own socks again.

Follow up visits in Dr. Leckie’s office are pleasant and informative, and I know that I can get answers to my questions when they arise, in a timely fashion. I’ve not had a day of nerve pain since I had my surgery with Dr. Leckie in February, 2015. It is like a miracle. People want to go into Boston for their care because they believe it is the best around. I would not go anywhere else but BID Hospital-Plymouth and Plymouth Bay Orthopedics for my spine and joint care. Last weekend, I walked on my own, completely pain free, into a Bridal Boutique and enjoyed watching my only daughter try on wedding gowns. This would not have been possible if not for Dr. Leckie and his excellent surgical care.

– Kathy Mercurio, RN LNC

Patient Testimonial of Dr. Leckie

I was suffering from extreme sciatic nerve pain due to a bulging disc and had back surgery performed by Dr. Leckie. I was able to walk away from the recovery bed with no pain right after the surgery. Dr. Leckie is one of the few surgeons on the South Shore doing a microdiscectomy operation. This means a small incision and minimum disruption of muscle tissue. Not only is Dr Leckie an excellent surgeon, but he listens to his patients and explains everything thoroughly in understandable terms. I have recommended his services to my friends.

-Stephen Horn, DDS

Patient Testimonial of Dr. Leckie

My name is Paul Ruzycki. I am 65, retired, and would like to tell you about a great experience I had with Plymouth Bay Orthopedics. Last summer I injured my back and hoped that it could be corrected by my Chiropractor. But that didn’t happen. My Chiropractor suggested I have my PCP order an MRI and then go see the people at Plymouth Bay Orthopedics in particular Dr. Steven Leckie. The MRI showed a severe herniation of the L4-L5 disc. My wife and I met with Dr. Leckie and we were very impressed at how thorough he was explaining what was wrong with with my back and what was needed to be done to correct it. Which was surgery. He told me to take a couple of days to think about it. We came back to schedule the surgery which was a Laminotomy and a partial Disectomy for October 27, 2014.

The surgery could not have gone any better. I went home the same day. Was up walking around the house the next day and outside walking the day after. My passion has always been fishing the Cape Cod Canal for Stripers. Which did not happen the entire summer of 2014 because of the problem with my back. Because of the excellent results from the surgery by Dr. Leckie this picture shows what I will be back doing this summer.

Thank you Plymouth Bay Orthopedics & Dr. Leckie

-Paul Ruzycki

Patient Testimonial of Dr. Leckie

I had suffered for more than a year with sciatic nerve pain and numbness in my right leg. After a series of three x-ray guided injections in the spine, I visited Dr. Steven Leckie to discuss possible surgical options. He operated in May of last year (2016) and I was pain free after the surgery and returned to playing golf within three months. It has now been almost nine months and I continue to do well. I feel he is an excellent surgeon who took the time to explain everything to me up front. He was able to clean out my bone spurs in my spinal column while performing a Laminectomy.

I highly reccomend Dr. Leckie to anyone facing back surgery. The care, skill and the entire operative experience at Plymouth was excellent. I cannot thank Dr. Leckie enough! He is a gifted surgeon and a very relatable human being as well. Thank you so much again.

– Jeffrey Maier

Patient Testimonial of Dr. Rightmire