When left untreated, shoulder arthritis will bring your life to a grinding halt. This debilitating condition can be extremely painful, and you could end up dealing with permanent joint damage if you aren’t careful. Our team understands just how devastating arthritis truly is, and that is why we are proud to offer our patients some of the most effective treatments in the world. Here is a closer look at the primary risk factors for arthritis and the best treatment options for this life-altering condition.

A Look at Arthritis

Arthritis is a blanket term that is used to describe a variety of joint conditions and their side effects. As a general rule, arthritis is a progressive joint disease that results in stiffness, pain, and limited mobility. This condition can also lead to permanent damage when left untreated. Shoulder arthritis is usually caused by repetitive movements, but there are some other risk factors that should be taken into consideration as well. That includes lifestyle habits, your family’s medical history, and past shoulder injuries.

In the earliest stages of shoulder arthritis, you might notice minor inconveniences such as soreness or stiffness when you first wake up in the morning. Over time, that soreness could escalate into lingering pain that never goes away. In the latest stages of arthritis, an individual might not be able to move that joint at all. Luckily, patients can often avoid those side effects as long as they catch this condition early on. If you have recently noticed any problems with your shoulders, then you should set up an evaluation.

Mitigating the Side Effects of Arthritis

We usually focus on minimizing the side effects of this condition as long as the joints are relatively healthy. In addition to medications, you should also consider physical therapy. Strengthening all of the bones and ligaments around the shoulders is going lessen your discomfort and reduce your risk of permanent damage to the bones. We might also suggest regular injections or another similar treatments. Those injections help with inflammation as well as discomfort, and you might only need to have them carried out once every few weeks.

If the joint damage is severe, then you will need to consider surgery. There are many different procedures for joint damage, and every operation has its own benefits. Shoulder replacement surgery is very effective, and that operation could drastically improve your quality of life.

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