You do a little hard work on the weekend around the house and you have shooting pain through the lower and mid of your back by Monday morning. The pain is so intense that you even have to call out of work. So, you feel stuck in a rut where back pain is an inevitable outcome. If only there was something you could do to keep your back pain to a minimum or eliminate it altogether. The good news is you could get your back pain under control with the right treatment.

When your back is stiff or in pain, laying around can often make the pain worse, not better. Sometimes the best thing you can do is actually light movement. The more you move, the more you lubricate discs and help the back to keep from tightening up and prevent even more motion. The trick is to not exert yourself too much to where you increase pain, but to just keep your back in motion.

You might find that pain medications are needed to take the edge off of your back pain. There are a variety of OTC and prescription medications that you can use to get results. If you are into a more natural approach, then our team can discuss alternative treatment options with you. Some of our other non-surgical pain management tools include physical therapy and injections.

Another thing to consider is your weight. That’s right, your weight may be doing more harm to your back and causing back pain than any other contributing factor. By reducing your weight, you could take a huge amount of the load off your back.

If you have severe back pain and issues with your spine, it is usually best to see a qualified, board-certified spine expert, such as the ones at Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates. Our team can determine how to best proceed to manipulate your spine or address nerve, muscle, joint or disc issues with an approach that helps your back to function as it was intended.

To learn more about the available treatments and procedures for back pain, contact us today at Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates and book an appointment at our office in Pymouth, Duxbury or Sandwich.