MAKOPlasty is an exciting new surgical procedure that completely replaces bad knees with the help of a robotic arm. The surgeon guides the robotic arm throughout the surgery to get a level of precision that was not previously possible. Robot-assisted partial knee replacements have been around for over 10 years, but the advanced technology can finally be used to perform a total replacement of the knee, as noted in the Mayo Clinic’s article titled “Robotic Full Knee Replacement in Florida.”

Pinpoint Surgical Precision

The use of the robotic arm during MAKOPlasty allows the surgeon to remove only the damaged portions of the knee. Since only the diseased sections of the knee are removed, all of the healthy tissues and bones are left intact. This is nearly impossible to achieve in a traditional total knee replacement surgery. The preservation of the healthy tissue and bone in the knee drastically improves the success rate of the procedure. Nobody wants to undergo multiple surgeries to fix their issues, and that is easily avoided with MAKOPlasty.

Faster Recovery Process

Since the healthy portions of the knee are not disturbed, recovering from MAKOPlasty is extremely easy. You will be able to stand and walk on your new knee the same day of the surgery. You should be fully healed from the procedure after approximately two weeks.

Smaller Incisions

Nobody wants to deal with a large scar after their surgery. Getting your knee replaced with a MAKOPlasty procedure will drastically reduce your amount of scarring, as well as the size of the scars.

Improved Quality of Life

A 3D computerized image of your knee is generated before starting the surgery. These scans are used to create an implant specifically designed for your knee. This ensures that the new knee implant is placed in the perfect position to eliminate all of your painful symptoms.

The purpose of a total knee replacement is to improve the quality of your life, and there is no better way to do this than by undergoing MAKOPlasty. This exciting approach is being raved about by doctors, patients, and medical institutions, and for good reason. The Mayo Clinic’s article titled “Robotic Full Knee Replacement in Florida” is just one example. You can learn more about this option during a consultation at Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates. Contact us today to book your appointment in Plymouth, Sandwich or Duxbury.