Quadriceps tendonitis is a debilitating medical condition that affects the knee. This condition occurs when the muscles and tendons surrounding the knee become overworked, strained or injured. Since the knee plays such a major role on the body, performing everyday tasks can be very hard when suffering from this condition. It is impossible to have a productive life with your motions severely limited, so it is vitally important to get the right treatment. These are the four biggest benefits of quadricep tendonitis relief

Eliminate Your Troubling Symptoms

The main symptoms of quadriceps tendonitis are pain, tenderness, swelling and weakness in the knee. The only way to eliminate these symptoms is by getting the muscles and tendons the relief they need. If you fail to seek the right treatment, then your symptoms are only going to progressively get worse over time. Early treatment will result in a much shorter and easier treatment plan. There is simply no reason to deal with debilitating knee pain every day when you can get rid of these troubling symptoms with the help of a doctor. 

Get Back to Playing Sports

One of the biggest causes of quadriceps tendonitis is overuse during intense physical exercise and training. This means that a large group of people suffering from this condition are elite athletes. Jumping, running and making quick lateral movements can be very difficult once the tendons around the knee become injured. This prevents an athlete from performing at a high level. If you want to get back to playing the sport you love, then you will need to find some quadricep tendonitis relief. 

Avoid Having Surgery

The great thing about quadriceps tendonitis is the vast majority of cases can be treated without the use of surgery. A physical therapy program will be designed to help reduce inflammation and pain in the knee. This is done by performing a series of stretching exercises that will help strengthen the knee. The physical therapist will also look to speed up the healing process with the use of massages and nerve stimulation. You will likely be asked to wear a brace throughout the treatment process to provide extra support to the knee. 

Quick Recovery Process

You may be experiencing a lot of pain in the knee because of your quadriceps tendonitis, but it does not take very long to get fully healed. The vast majority of patients will only need to treat their condition with physical therapy for a total of four to six weeks. You will notice a drastic improvement in the flexibility and strength of your knee at this time. 

Do not let the knee pain caused by quadriceps tendonitis control your life. Learn more about quadricep tendonitis relief by visiting Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates in Plymouth, Duxbury or Sandwich. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!