Some health issues that people deal with completely change their life. They can leave them in a situation where it is difficult to perform normal tasks. This is true when it comes to issues with the back and neck. The neck and backbone support the weight of the body and protect the spinal cord. When a person is dealing with back and neck issues, they need to work with highly trained professionals to get the proper diagnosis and treatment plan. If you are dealing with neck and back issues, we would like to help you get started with your spine services.

Helping You Get Back to Good Health

We understand what a toll spinal issues are taking on your day to day life. For this reason, we offer spine services from orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation specialists, and sports medicine experts. All of them have the goal of helping you get back to living the full life you deserve. We offer a variety of spinal treatment options to help our clients.

In most cases, our spinal services start off with a more conservative approach, which usually includes some form of physical therapy. The treatments that we offer are going to be based on your specific needs. They will be monitored over time in order to make changes when they are necessary.

When a person has a more serious condition, a surgical procedure may be necessary. Minimally-invasive spinal surgeries may be offered, or a person may need a full surgical treatment. We also offer pain management solutions to individuals who do not make good candidates for or would not benefit from surgical procedures. These pain management options may include injections.

We have worked with individuals who experience a wide range of spine conditions. These include issues like sciatica, lower back pain, herniated discs, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, and spinal compression.

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Individuals who have been dealing with chronic neck and back pain often experience another challenge. In addition to the actual pain, they may have had the experience of not having medical professionals or friends and family believe them or understand them. We want to reassure you that we believe that all pain is real.

We are excited to offer spine services at Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates to individuals who have neck and back pain. We are conveniently located in Plymouth, Sandwich and Duxbury. You are warmly invited to contact us today to schedule your consultation where you can meet with one doctor or a team of professionals who will provide you with a proper diagnosis and treatment plan that will help you live the life you deserve.