The hip is a ball-and-socket joint that connects the femur with the pelvis. The hip is a very important part of the body because it connects the top half of the body with the lower extremities. Since it is placed under a lot of pressure throughout your life, the hip joint can easily deteriorate as you get older. Walking, standing from a seated position, and other simple movements can be painful once this happens. If you are currently dealing with a bad hip, then you consider undergoing a hip replacement surgery.

Hip replacement surgery is a medical procedure designed to repair a damaged hip joint. This is done by removing the damaged sections of the hip and replacing them with artificial parts. These artificial hip materials are made from metal or ceramic, so they will not breakdown.

You will have to meet with a member of our team for a quick examination before undergoing the hip replacement surgery. We will exam the hip and the strength of the surrounding muscles. We will also likely order blood tests and an x-ray to make sure you are healthy enough to get the surgery. All of the information gained during this appointment will help the surgeon prepare for the upcoming operation.

A hospital stay of approximately four to six days will be required after a hip replacement. It is vitally important to move as much as possible after the surgery, so you will start a physical therapy program in the hospital. You will continue to see a physical therapist after you go home. All of the exercises will be used to strengthen your muscles and increase mobility in your new hip joint. The exercises must be performed every day during your recovery to get the best results.

You will have to return for a follow up appointment two to three months after your hip replacement surgery. If everything looks alright, then you will be able to resume your normal activities after this appointment. You will continue to build strength in your new hip for the next 12 months. Once you are fully recovered, you will be able to perform all of your favorite low-impact activities without experiencing any painful side effects.

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