There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to hip replacement. Many people think of hip replacement surgery for older people, but it may be a good option for anyone who has sports injuries or arthritis. Hip pain is often felt in the groin area. You may think you have pulled a groin muscle when the fact is you have a hip impingement or arthritis of the hip.

Signs You May Need Hip Replacement

There are four main symptoms that could mean you need a hip replacement. Rather than live with the painful symptoms, it may be better to get a diagnosis from our expert and get the hip replacement you may need. Here are the main symptoms to look for:

  • Pain and soreness in the hip area that extends down to the knee – once the pain starts, it doesn’t go away quickly. You may find yourself limping, using a cane, or even taking over-the-counter painkillers.
  • Stiffness and a lack of flexibility when you put on shoes and socks – this is the sign of a problem with your hip. You may notice that one foot causes more stiffness than the other. You may think this is just a mild inconvenience, but if it continues for weeks or months, it’s better to have it checked by our specialist.
  • A reduced ability to walk – if you normally take long walks every day or a few times a week, but hip and groin pain are making it uncomfortable to walk as far as you used to, you could be developing hip problems. If you regularly only walk short distances, but it starts to feel like too much effort because of pain or soreness, you may be developing hip problems.
  • Pain when standing on one leg – you can test yourself by seeing how long you can stand on the affected leg. You may hold on to a wall or chair to help keep your balance, but if the pain is too much and makes you stop in less than a minute, you may have a damaged hip.

When you visit our specialist your condition will be examined and the source of your symptoms may be identified. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates is located in Plymouth, Sandwich, MA and Duxbury, MA.