Neck pain or stiffness is a problem many people face. It can be due to accident, injury, or strain. In addition, this type of soreness can last for quite a while. Usually, it heals on its own. There are steps you can take to get some relief. Some are at-home remedies, while others may require the assistance of a medical professional. Read on to discover how to relieve neck pain.

Steps to Take First

When your neck pain first starts, there are some things you could try to feel better. Initially, you may need to rest your neck or to modify your activities somewhat. It’s better to rest in order to let the healing process begin than to try to continue your regular routine and risk further injury. In order to reduce swelling, you may wish to apply ice to the injury within the first 48 hours. Afterward, you may put heat on your neck if you prefer. This can help to stimulate circulation and to deliver nutrients to the injury. However, some at-home treatments can do more harm than good.

When Pain Lingers

If you still have pain or muscle spasms in your neck after a few days, it may be time to consider professional neck pain treatments. Severe pain or particularly bad spasms may not react initially to certain methods of treatment.

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