Spinal injuries can be a huge detriment in your daily life. An injury of this kind limits movement and causes intense pain, rendering most people bedridden. The surgery for spinal injuries can sometimes be complex operations, which may overwhelm you. If you decide that surgery is not the route you want to go, there are other options to treat spinal injuries that do not need the invasive procedures. However, sometimes surgery is the only option.

The Importance of Exercising and Your Lifestyle

Exercising can be tough while in pain, but it may be the best non-surgical option if back complications are causing strife. A program can be created for you by a qualified health professional that is tailored to the needs of your body, or you can find another type of exercise program and follow it to reduce the pain. The exercises should include a range of workouts focused on the back and focus on strengthening and stretching the spine and back.

Aside from movements, a number of lifestyle choices can be made to reduce back pain. Losing weight relieves some pressure off the spine, which can potentially lessen some back pain. Changing activities to avoid using the back in a hurtful way can also prevent further back pain and injury. Having better posture and ergonomics will also be a large factor in ending back problems.

What About Medications and Injections?

There are a number of medications that can be used to help stop back pain, and the intensity of the pain may determine what is prescribed. Another option for spinal injuries is spinal injections, which can be administered right here in our office. Consult our team about which option is best for you.

Back surgeries are great for some people; they eliminate the root of the back problem. However, they are not for everyone, and some cases don’t require surgery. Contact us today at Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates and book a consultation with us in Plymouth, Duxbury or Sandwich to learn more information about your non-surgical options.