Dorsal Column Stimulator Insertion

Treatments for chronic pain disorders have grown popular in the last decade as men and women seek effective solutions to help manage their chronic pain. Dorsal column stimulator insertion is a long-term treatment for chronic pain that involves delivery of electricity to the dorsal column. This procedure is designed to provide relief that matches the pain associated with the syndrome. At Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates we understand how chronic pain can impact your life, so call us now to learn more about chronic pain management.

What Is a Dorsal Column Stimulator?

Dorsal column stimulator insertion is a technique designed to manage pain from certain chronic pain syndromes by delivering electric current to the posterior dorsal column in the back. The stimulator system is implanted and electricity is delivered to the posterior of the spinal cord through a series of electrodes which improve the frequency, length, and intensity of pain.

The dorsal column stimulator is a specially designed system consisting of several important components:

  • electrical pulse generator with conducting wires that connect to the electrodes
  • stimulating electrodes in the posterior column
  • remote control

Am I a Good Candidate For Dorsal Column Stimulator Insertion?

Dorsal column stimulator insertion is a surgical procedure designed for virtually anyone sturggling with chronic pain. Most clients who undergo this procedure experience relief from their pain.

Our providers will discuss with you your symptoms and medical diagnosis to determine suitability for the procedure. Potential candidates will undergo a trial period of 4 to 7 days of electrode stimulation to determine how well this modality addresses their pain concerns. Clients who respond well to electrode treatment will be scheduled for surgical dorsal column stimulator insertion.

What Can I Expect During The Procedure?

During your dorsal column stimulator insertion procedure, the electrodes are surgically implanted in the epidural space, behind the spinal cord. The pulse generator will be implanted in the lower abdomen. Proper insertion of elements is confirmed during the procedure and clients can typically return home the same day or the next day.

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