Thumb Joint Replacement

What is it?

Thumb joint replacement surgery is a way to remove the arthritic and painful area of the thumb base to relieve pain. If pain along the thumb base from arthritis is not able to be controlled with conservative management such as rest, ice/heat, splinting and cortisone injections, then surgery may be an option to alleviate pain and to restore function.

How is it Performed?

Surgery consists of making an incision along the base of the thumb and first of removing one of the bones in the wrist that is causing the pain. There are many different ways to cushion this area after the removal of the arthritis area such as with a tendon roll, suture sling or tightrope. Afterwards, the hand will be in a splint or cast for at least 6 weeks, followed by hand therapy to help regain mobility and function.

Doctors Who Perform This Procedure

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