The elbow connects the forearm and upper arm together. It consists of three major bones: the radius, the humerus, and the ulna. The elbow fracture is a moderately common injury experienced by children and adults. It affects the elbow area of the body and results in breakage. It is caused by blunt and sudden force to the elbow. The direct force can be caused by overuse, falling, or an acute traumatic situation. Those who get into a car accident or play contact sports may be susceptible to fracturing their elbow. Falling off a bike, skateboard, or snowboard can also cause elbow fractures. There are several types of elbow fractures, such as displaced fractures and open fractures.

Signs of an Elbow Fracture

There are some obvious signs of an elbow has been fractured. The first sign is if there is noticeable swelling and bruising around the elbow. The swelling would be prominent over the tip or on the back of the elbow. Bruising can reach all the way up on the arm towards the shoulders or all the way down the forearm heading towards the wrists. The second sign of a fractured elbow is that it feels tender, painful, or numb to the touch. The elbow may feel tight and stiff. It would be difficult to extend or rotate the elbow. The third sign that the elbow is fractured is that the injured area may appear deformed or misshaped. If bone pieces are protruding and break the skin, it is a serious fracture and needs to be treated immediately.

Elbow Fracture Treatments

An elbow fracture is not an injury that can be treated at home. It should be treated in a medical setting by a healthcare professional. A doctor can assess the injured elbow by using an X-Ray machine, a CT scanner, or an MRI machine to get a more detailed look at the targeted area. There are several effective ways to treat a fractured elbow. The first method is by splinting the injured elbow. The doctor will immobilize the elbow so that it cannot bend. Once the fractured elbow is in a stable position, it can heal more quickly. A sling may be added to the splint so that the arm can rest more comfortably while healing. Another way that doctors treat elbow fractures is by performing surgery. Surgery is a necessity if the break is serious. Serious breaks are compound fractures and open fractures. Resetting the fractured elbow may also be necessary. The doctor will place the bones back in their original position to promote proper healing and alleviate feelings of pain.

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