Spine surgery for lower back pain is more advanced and effective as ever. But that doesn’t mean it’s always necessary. In fact, most cases of lower back pain will go away following adherence to a holistic treatment plan prescribed by an Orthopedic Spine Specialist. One of the most important components of such a treatment program is physical therapy. In order to decrease lower back pain, a physical therapist will help patients strengthen their core. Here’s why:

Strong Core Muscles Promote Proper Posture

The back and abdominal muscles work together to perfectly align the spine. Muscle imbalance can result in poor posture: weak abdominal muscles cause a “sway back” and weak back muscles cause a “flat back”. Both can result in pain, specifically in the lower back. To decrease this type of pain, a physical therapist will create an exercise routine that strengthens weak muscles groups to create balance. Once posture is improved, pain decreases.

Strong Core Muscles Reduce the Load Placed on the Spine

The spine and its supporting muscles experience stress and strain throughout daily activities like walking and running. Muscle imbalance causes a disproportionate amount of weight to be placed on the spine, which results in lower back pain. Again, it’s the job of a physical therapist to create muscle balance through strengthening exercises.

Strong Core Muscles Increase Ability to Perform Physical Activity

When using physical therapy to decrease lower back pain, the ultimate goal is less pain and a better quality of life. As the core muscles are strengthened and posture is improved, patients are able to increasingly participate in physical activity, which leads to increased confidence and improved overall health. Patients are able to slowly push themselves during therapy sessions.

Seeking Treatment

If you’re experiencing lower back pain and want relief, please don’t hesitate to contact our office to arrange an appointment with one of our Orthopedic Spine Specialists. A detailed medical history, thorough physical examination, and accurate medical imaging studies will be used to diagnose your condition. Once a treatment plan is developed, you’ll be on your way to recovery—less pain and better quality of life will be the end goal and ultimate result.

The Spine Team at Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates consists of Physical Therapists, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialists and Board Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeons.  Our goal is to design a treatment plan customized to your lifestyle and goals and we use the latest advancements in both non-surgical and Minimally Invasive spine care.  We have offices located in both Plymouth, Duxbury and Sandwich, MA.  Contact us today!