You’ve been struggling lately when you chew. Your jaw keeps making a popping noise and it is painful. Sometimes, it feels like your mouth is going to be stuck when you open it or close it. You haven’t been able to eat some of your favorite foods because they only make matters worse. You’re suffering from headaches as well. You went to your dentist to find out what is going on with your mouth only to discover you have TMJ. Temporomandibular joint disorder is caused when you have an injury or inflammation around the joint where your lower jaw connects to your upper jaw. Your jaw acts like a hinge, opening and closing all the time. You put a great deal of strain on it every day when you are talking and eating. When you have a problem, it can cause considerable pain. TMJ treatment can help you to find relief.

What Are Your Options for TMJ Treatment?

You can begin with home remedies to relieve the discomfort caused by TMJ. Anti-inflammatory medications are sold over-the-counter. They can ease your pain. You can also try applying an ice pack to the affected area on your jaw for several minutes. Open and close your mouth to stretch your jaw muscles once you remove the cold pack. Apply a warm towel next. If your jaw is really bothering you, don’t add additional strain by eating foods that are hard to chew.

If your own efforts aren’t enough, you can turn to the professionals at Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates. We may recommend physical therapy to target your sore muscles in your jaw. You can also take prescription-strength medications, such as muscle relaxants and pain relievers. In some cases, dental work or orthodontic treatment may be necessary to correct the alignment of your jaw. You may benefit from injections in your jaw joint to relieve pain and inflammation. In rare cases, surgery is the best alternative to resolve TMJ. The best way to find answers is to seek help from an expert.

Don’t Live with Your Jaw Pain Anymore

Living with a TMJ disorder can be difficult. It can keep you from fully enjoying your life when you are always in pain. In many cases, physical therapy is an effective TMJ treatment option. Our professional team at Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates will help you work toward a pain-free life. We are conveniently located in Plymouth, Duxbury and Sandwich. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!