Our team understands just how overwhelming shoulder injuries can be, and that is why we offer our patients some of the most advanced restorative treatments in the world. We can help you treat a wide variety of shoulder and arm injuries including rotator cuff tears, arthritis of the shoulder, loose bodies in the shoulder, and SLAP tears. Here is a closer look at some of the treatments and procedures that you might benefit from if you are struggling with chronic or acute shoulder injuries.

Signs and Symptoms

Many people don’t notice their shoulder injuries for years because the side effects are so subtle. Others experience severe discomfort and stiffness right after the damage has occurred. As a general rule, you should immediately contact our doctor if you ever notice any sudden problems with your shoulders. That includes stiffness, a tingling sensation, ongoing pain, or trouble lifting your arms.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

For patients who have a cuff tear, we may suggest a reverse shoulder replacement. Most shoulder replacements rely on the use of very specific muscles, and those procedures won’t work if the muscles have atrophied. With a reverse shoulder replacement, the deltoid muscle positions and moves the arm. During this procedure, we will replace the damaged areas of the shoulder with artificial components that are made from cutting-edge materials.

Tommy John Surgery (UCL Reconstruction)

Named after a famous baseball pitcher, Tommy John surgery allows us to rebuild areas of the shoulder and arm with tendons that have been harvested from other areas of the body. This procedure is quite common among professional athletes, and it might be a good option if your shoulder has been damaged by any repetitive movements.

Total Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement surgery was originally designed to treat severe fractures, but doctors are now using it to address a wide variety of problems with the shoulders, including shoulder injuries.

Improve Your Life Today

An ongoing shoulder injury is one problem that no one should ever ignore. If you are tired of chronic pain and stiffness, then it might be time to explore your treatment options. We offer various treatments for shoulder injuries at Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates. Contact us today to book an appointment in Plymouth, Sandwich or Duxbury and learn more!