The elbow is a hinge joint that connects the top and bottom parts of the arms. The elbow joint makes it possible to bend the forearm. Since the elbow plays an integral role in the movement of your arm, keeping it in good shape is very important. If you are currently dealing with a broken elbow, then your best treatment option may be elbow fracture fixation.

Who Needs Elbow Fracture Fixation?

Elbow fracture fixation is a surgical procedure designed to repair a broken bone in the elbow joint. This is done by physically reconnecting the broken bones with special tools after they have been manually repositioned in the proper location.

Most elbow fractures can be treated with a splint or sling. Fixation is only required to repair traumatic breaks. You will need an elbow fracture fixation if the bone breaks in several locations, the bone breaks through the skin, or the bones are moved significantly out of place. This procedure can be used to treat a fractured bone anywhere in the elbow joint.

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