Most people are more than likely to have an accident at work at one time or another. This is especially true if the work they do involves physical labor, the use of harmful chemicals or both. If the injury itself is just a tiny cut, scratch or bump, there is probably no reason for any further action besides a bandage or aspirin. If the injury is even slightly more serious, you may need work injury treatment as soon as possible.

It’s More Than Just Your Health

If you have been seriously injured on the job or have contracted some kind of illness while at work, you might be qualified to receive compensation for your time away from work. The programs can vary depending on the state and the company you work for.

In order for a Workers’ Compensation claim to be filed properly, there must be proof that you saw a doctor quickly after the accident. Maximizing your benefits will depend on your proving that you were injured or sick and incapable of working. This takes confirmation from a medical doctor or otherwise certified physician.

When to Seek Further Treatment

If you are medically treated for a work-related injury sooner as opposed to later, you will heal faster from your injury and return to work sooner. It will also keep your insurance company or employer from deciding that your injury was not work-related and causing you problems as a result.

Even if you don’t stand a chance of receiving monetary benefits for your time away from work, you still need to seek work injury treatment for your moderate to severe injuries. Taking care of your health will keep you in good shape to continue working. Common work-related injuries include:

  • Sprained ankles and wrists
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Concussions and other head injuries
  • Heat and chemical burns
  • Chemical poisoning
  • Deep cuts and lacerations

Injuries such as these need immediate medical attention. Time away from work is often necessary in order to completely recover.

Get the Care You Need

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