Extensor and Flexor Tendon Injuries

About Extensor & Flexor Tendon Injuries:

On the palm side of the fingers, the flexor tendons are connected to the finger bones, allowing the finger to flex towards the palm to grasp and grip something. Extensor tendons are on the top side of the fingers and help the fingers straighten, grasp and let go of objects. An injury or tear to either of these tendons can cause pain and possibly a loss of function.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Open cut or laceration on the hand
  • Inability to bend or straighten a joint or finger without assistance
  • Numbness of a particular finger, which could indicate nerve damage

How is it Treated?

  • Physical therapy
  • Splints can temporarily be used to hold the tendons in place
  • Surgical intervention can and should be considered. Contact an orthopedic hand specialist to explore surgical options

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