Hip Dislocation

About Hip Dislocations:

A hip dislocation is when the head of the femur is dislodged out of its socket in the pelvis bone.  There are two types of hip dislocations.

  • Posterior dislocation is the most common kind of hip dislocation in which the femur is pushed backward out of its socket. This leaves the lower leg in a static position with the knee and foot are rotated inward.
  • Anterior dislocation is the more uncommon of the two. This occurs when the femur slips out of its socket in a forward direction, conversely rotating the foot and knee outward facing away from the body.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Agonizing pain in the hip area
  • Inability to move the leg
  • If nerve damage is present, there may be a loss of feeling in foot or ankle area

How is it Treated?

A hip dislocation should be treated by convening with an orthopedic specialist. This is an injury that must be treated appropriately which normally requires a hip reduction procedure.

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