Anterior Knee Pain

Anterior Knee Pain is a common injury among runners that includes but is not limited to: knee overuse resulting in irritation of the kneecap joint; malalignment of the knee joint; problems that occur in hypermobile feet; thigh muscle weakness and/or muscle imbalance; and more.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Pain behind and/or around the kneecap (particularly at the meeting point of the thighbone and kneecap)
  • Pain when bending the knee (during walking, squatting, kneeling, running, etc.)
  • Pain that worsens when walking downstairs and/or downhill
  • Swelling
  • Popping and/or grinding in the knee

How is it Treated?

  • Physical Therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • If physical therapy and medications are not effective, severe cases surgery may consider surgery

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