Patella Femoral Syndrome

About Patella Femoral Syndrome:

Patella femoral syndrome is a condition that is described as pain in the front of the knee and around the kneecap. Around the kneecap, the nerves can sense pain stemming from the soft tissues and bone. Among these soft tissues are the tendons, a pad that sits underneath the kneecap, and synovial tissue lining the knee joint. This condition is sometimes known as “runner’s knee” or “jumper’s knee” due to its commonality among those who participate in sports, but non-athletes may also suffer from the condition as well. Patella femoral syndrome often makes daily activities, such as climbing stairs, kneeling down, and more, difficult, and can be caused by various forms of vigorous activity.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Pain during exercise and activities that require bending of the knee
  • Pain during/after sitting for long period of time with your knees bent (i.e. in a movie theater or sitting on board an airplane)
  • Pain that occurs when increasing the intensity of one’s activity
  • Popping and/or crackling sounds in the knee when climbing stairs, standing up after sitting for long periods of time, and/or during other movements)

How is it Treated?

  • Physical Therapy
  • Surgical intervention such as arthroscopy may be required. Seeing an orthopedic specialist should be considered.

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