Torn ACL

About Torn ACL:

A torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) involves one of the major ligaments of the knee. The ligament acts as a stabilizer and prevents the tibia from sliding forward relative to the femur. This injury often occurs during sports that involve sudden stops, jumping or changes in direction, such as basketball, soccer, football, tennis, skiing, and others. Females are 3 times more likely to sustain an ACL injury compared to males.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Loud popping sensations in the knee
  • Severe pain and/or inability to resume activities as normal
  • Swelling that begins within a few hours
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Feelings of instability when bearing weight

How is it Treated?

  • Physical Therapy +/- bracing depending on instability.
  • Surgical reconstruction by way of substitute graft (patellar tendon autograft; hamstring tendon autograft; quadriceps tendon autograft; allograft patellar tendon)

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