Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis, and this condition can make everyday tasks nearly unbearable. Masking the discomfort with over-the-counter painkillers might provide temporary relief, but there will most likely come a point when you need to explore long-term solutions such as surgery. Osteoarthritis surgery will lessen your discomfort, improve your mobility, and boost your overall quality of life. Here is a closer look at just a few of the amazing treatments that we offer as well as some early warning signs that you might be developing this debilitating condition.

Understanding Osteoarthritis

OA is a degenerative condition that breaks down the ligaments and soft tissue around a patient’s joints. This condition can take place anywhere in the body, but it usually affects the hands, neck, hips, or knees. Your genetics play a major role in this condition, but there are some other risk factors to consider as well. That includes overuse, improper posture, obesity, acute injuries near the joint, and certain medical conditions such as hemophilia. Staying at a healthy weight and strengthening the muscles around the joint will reduce your risk of osteoarthritis, but joint damage can still occur at any time.

In the initial stages of this disorder, you might notice minor annoyances like stiffness or a dull ache when you first wake up in the morning. As osteoarthritis progresses, however, all of the side effects can become much worse. There may come a point when everyday tasks such as opening a jar or sitting down in a chair become nearly impossible. In order to avoid those issues, you need to consider your long-term treatment options.

Treating OA

We believe that the best way to treat osteoarthritis is to come up with a comprehensive plan that addresses the side effects as well as the condition itself. During your initial consultation, our team will take a careful look at your medical history and the affected joints. After that consultation, we can help you come up with a solid treatment plan that drastically improves your quality of life. If you are a good candidate for osteoarthritis surgery, then we recommend that you schedule your procedure as soon as possible

During the procedure, your surgeons remove any bone fragments or damaged ligaments that are irritating the soft tissue around the joints. Our surgical team might also alter the bone itself so that it can move around without becoming aggravated.

Your New Life

Once your procedure is over, you need to carefully follow all of our aftercare instructions. You must also be devoted to making healthy lifestyle choices if you want to avoid future complications. Staying at a healthy weight and carrying out low-impact exercises will strengthen and protect your joints. We might recommend that you meet with a physical therapist as well.

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