Meniscus Tear Surgery

What is it?

Meniscus tear surgery is a procedure, often done arthroscopically, that is designed to repair torn knee cartilage. A torn meniscus can be repaired by various minimally invasive techniques. Reparative surgery is followed by postoperative protectionary measures to enable the healing process. An ideal treatment method will be selected by your surgeon based on the location, pattern, and size of the tear. Arthroscopic surgery also often accompanies meniscus repair. This method significantly decreases the risk of complication and can lead to an expedited recovery. The surgery is typically followed by physical rehabilitation.

How is it Performed?

The surgeon will make two small incisions in the skin and in one of them, and then will insert an arthroscopic camera. The ruptured meniscus is removed and the area is cleaned of any debris. The surgeon will preserve as much meniscal tissue as possible in order to prevent knee degeneration. The remaining tissue is smoothed with surgical instrumentation so that there are no frayed ends in the meniscus.

Doctors Who Perform This Procedure

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