Subtrochanteric Fracture Surgery

What is it?

Subtrochanteric fracture surgery is designed to treat a break between the bony prominence on the upper part of the hip (known as the lesser trochanter) and the area just below the lesser trochanter. The majority of subtrochanteric fractures are treated with long intramedullary nails with a large lag screw. They may also be treated with screws that capture the neck and head of the femur or the area underneath it. Some cases may prompt the surgeon to choose a plate rather than a nail. This allows for the plate to be placed into the affected bone to hold the patient’s fracture in place.

How is it Performed?

Surgical intervention is the first line of treatment in the majority of instances. Typically, external fixation or intramedullary fixation are recommended for all subtrochanteric fractures.

Doctors Who Perform This Procedure

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