Physical therapy assists individuals of every age with injuries, illnesses, and medical conditions that limit their ability to function and move. The program is customized to help these people regain their previous level of functionality and encourage lifestyle changes to improve health and prevent injuries. We specialize in physical therapy to treat many different conditions.

One of the most important benefits is the elimination or reduction of pain through soft tissue and joint mobilization treatments including electrical stimulation and ultrasound. This decreases pain by restoring the function of the joints and muscles. Once injury pain has been relieved, the need for surgery may be eliminated. If surgery is still necessary, the individual will often have a faster recovery.

Physical therapy is important for anyone with difficulty moving, walking or standing. Mobility can be restored with strengthening and stretching exercises. Physical therapists can fit patients with crutches, canes or an assistive device in addition to assessing orthotic prescriptions. Care plans are customized to ensure the person can preserve their most important activities as safely and effectively as possible.

Physical therapists assist with recovering from sports injuries. They understand the different kinds of injuries including distance runners suffering from stress fractures. They design appropriate preventive exercise and recovery plans to ensure the individual can go back to their sport safely.

Therapy is important for improving balance to prevent a serious fall. When the therapy begins, there is a fall risk screening. If a risk is found, the therapist will provide safe exercises to challenge the balance carefully. This is designed to mimic actual situations. The therapist will also provide exercises to help with coordination and walking safer with an assisted device. If the balance issue is traced to the vestibular system, proper vestibular functioning can be restored with specific movements. The symptoms of vertigo or dizziness can be eliminated or reduced.

Issues related to age can be managed with therapy including recovering from a joint replacement, osteoporosis and arthritis. The therapist can help the individual recover and conservatively manage any conditions related to aging.

We provide physical therapy as a primary or secondary treatment option. That means if your condition can be improved through therapy with our specialists alone, we can help. If you require surgery or another form of treatment in conjunction with physical therapy, we can work with you. Please speak with the educated staff at Plymouth Bay Orthopedic Associates in Plymouth, Duxbury and Sandwich to learn more about the services we offer. If you or someone you love may require physical therapy, please contact us today to schedule a consultation!