Hip replacement surgery is when the hip joint is removed and replaced with an implant. As with other joint replacement surgeries, replacing the hip isn’t something expected to be confined to the elderly. Younger patients are having these surgeries more often due to injury or arthritis. Patients considering hip replacement surgery are usually suffering from extreme daily pain and inability to complete regular activities.

You may want to consider this procedure if:

  • You experience high levels of pain: Extreme pain and lack of mobility should never be ignored. Sometimes surgery is the only option.
  • You have only one hip with problems: Recovery with physical therapy is more achievable without other injuries.
  • You have no other health problems: Health problems can increase your chance of infection or other medical problems associated with major surgery.
  • Your pain is not caused by inflammatory arthritis: The most common type of arthritis that leads to hip replacement is osteoarthritis or progressive arthritis.
  • Less invasive surgery and physical therapy have proven not effective: Often, doctors recommend hip replacement after other treatments have been attempted.
  • You have an injury or fracture: Sometimes, an injury or fracture doesn’t heal properly and can lead to other problems.

While age isn’t a determining factor in whether you are a candidate for hip replacement, there are other factors that should be considered. Not every patient who experienced hip pain requires surgery. Some patients are not suitable candidates for the surgery for other reasons.

For those who qualify, surgery can eliminate chronic pain and give you back the lifestyle you once enjoyed. Patients of all ages can successfully recover from hip replacement surgery with no complications. However, hip replacement is still surgery that requires a recovery. It’s always important to discuss all of your options with our doctor before considering surgery.

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