Intertrochanteric Fracture Surgery

What is it?

This surgery is necessary when a fracture between the top of the femur and the lesser trochanter of the hip occurs. The lesser trochanter is a site where some of the primary muscles of the hip attach to.

How is it Performed?

This surgery is performed with either a compression hip screw or an intramedullary nail, which allows for impaction at the fracture site. If performed with a compression hip screw, the screw is placed on the outer part of the bone along with a secondary screw, called the lag screw, that is placed through the plate and into the neck or head of the hip. This allows for stability in the area and faster healing.If performed with an intramedullary nail, a hollow cavity of the femur is made at the bone’s head and the nail is placed into the marrow canal. A lag screw goes through the intramedullary nail and into the head of the hip.

Doctors Who Perform This Procedure

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