Open Reduction/Internal Fixation of the Hip & Femur

What is it?

Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) is a two-tiered surgery used to fix broken bones in the hip and/or femur. The term “open reduction” refers to the process by which a surgeon repositions the patient’s bone pieces to their proper alignment. The term “internal fixation” describes the method of physically reconnecting the patient’s bones. This surgery is typically recommended when the hip and/or femur fracture does not heal properly after initial treatments.

How is it Performed?

First, the procedure reduces a broken bone or is put back into place. Secondly, the procedure places an internal fixation device on the reduced bone. This surgery is often performed with a combination of screws, plates, rods, and pins that piece and keep the broken bone together.

Doctors Who Perform This Procedure

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