Patella Tendon Repair

What is it?

Patellar tendon repair is used to address complete tears of the patellar tendon to enable anatomic repair of the affected area. This procedure is designed to reattach the patient’s torn tendon to the kneecap. Surgery is often more effective in patients who opt to have it performed very soon after the injury occurs. Early repair can act as a preventative from scarring and/or tightening of the tendon into a shortened position. Surgery is typically followed by a period of physical rehabilitation. Your surgeon will likely take measures to protect motion of the tendon early on in the postoperative recovery period.

How is it Performed?

The surgeon will attach the tendon to the bone through the use of small suture anchors. Using these anchors eliminates the need to drill holes within the patella. The sutures or anchors are then tied at the top of the kneecap with enough care in order to provide the optimal amount of tension in the tendon so that the patient feels as comfortable as possible postoperative.

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