Quad Tendon Surgery

What is it?

Quad tendon surgery is a procedure that attaches the torn tendon to the top of the kneecap. An early repair is preferable when seeking to prevent scarring, tightening, and/or shortening of the affected tendon. The majority of people with complete tears require reparative surgery. Large, partial tears and/or tears associated with a degenerated tendon may also require surgery. The desired outcome of the procedure is to ensure that the position of the affected kneecap closely matches that of the patient’s uninjured kneecap. Surgical approaches will be determined based on the patient’s age, activities, and previous level of function.

How is it Treated?

To reattach the torn tendon, the surgeon will drill holes in the kneecap. The surgeon will follow this by placing sutures in the tendon and threading them through the drilled holes. The sutures or anchors are then tied at the bottom of the kneecap with enough care in order to provide the optimal amount of tension in the tendon so that the patient feels as comfortable as possible post-operation.

Doctors Who Perform This Procedure

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